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Your Freedom to Read Candidates

We have integrity and are fiscally responsible and transparent. We are adamant about protecting the Lincolnwood Library's future and the full range of First Amendment Rights for all Lincolnwood residents.

Everyone has a right to read and the Library has a social responsibility to ensure that the entire community is able and allowed to exercise this right. In a free society, this includes the right to choose for oneself what one shall read.

Libraries are the cornerstone of democracy, literacy and productivity. We do not and will not condone or allow censorship of any kind - no reshelving of material, censoring of books, or book banning. Libraries are safe havens of literacy and unity. 

We are the Freedom to Read candidates. We will continue to be fiscally responsible and transparent. Review our 2022 Annual Library Financial Audit here.

Our Achievements

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  • Married, Parent of two adult children graduates of District 74 and 219

  • Lincolnwood Business owner for 38 years

  • Lincolnwood Public Library Trustee

  • Niles Township High School District Trustee

  • Madeline Grant Volunteer of the Year

  • Author, Educator, Clinician, and Speaker

  • Vision for the Library:  "The Lincolnwood Library is a gem in the community and its diverse residents.  We must continue supporting our librarians. They understand Lincolnwood's unique and diverse community.  I want to ensure we keep our first amendment rights, freedom to read and choose our own books.  Censorship has no home in Lincolnwood."

Sheri Doniger - Incumbent, 43 year resident

Georgia Talaganis - Incumbent, 39 year resident

IMG_0187 copy.HEIC
  • Retired Chicago Public School teacher, married with adult twin sons

  • Lincolnwood Village Clerk

  • Lincolnwood Library Board Trustee

  • Instrumental in the negotiations and completion of the library parking lot addition.  

  • Friends of the Lincolnwood Library, President

  • Member of the Fire and Police Commission

  • Recipient of the Madeleine Grant Volunteer of the Year Award

  • Active community volunteer: Feeding the Hungry, nursing homes, and church organizations

  • Vision for the Library: "I have served the Village of Lincolnwood in elected, appointed, and volunteer positions for many years. I look forward to continuing to use my leadership experience and problem-solving skills to further our Library's success and continued growth. I will work diligently to provide our community with superior services and freedom of speech at the Library."

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Deborah Silver - 45 year resident

  • Mother of  Lincolnwood School District 74 graduates 

  • Certified Reading Specialist 

  • Barclay Condominium Board Vice President; current member 

  • Lincolnwood School District 74 President/Member 

  • Chair of the Lincolnwood Childcare Study Committee, paving the way for CCDC 

  • Vision for the Library: "The Lincolnwood Library is a valuable resource that provides literacy, educational programs, and staff support to meet the needs of its diverse population. Democracy is strengthened with an educated population free to select its own print materials. Libraries offer an open door to developing a knowledgeable and educated population."

Mary Silber - Incumbent, 25 year resident

  • Married and mother of two SD74 and SD219 graduates

  • Lincolnwood Public Library Trustee 

  • Professional Background – Customer Service Management and Sales

  • Volunteerism: Girl Scout Troop Leader; Friends of the Library

  • Advocate for your First Amendment Rights, Freedom to Read, and Inclusivity for All

  • Vision for the library – “The Lincolnwood Public Library is a valued community amenity.  It is a welcoming place to learn and gather for patrons of all ages.  We need to continue to provide impressive materials, services, and programs to all members of our community.”

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